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Two Methods of Commercial Cleaning:

Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning

All carpets and furniture are thoroughly vacuumed beforehand to remove all loose soils and to ensure a better clean.

This method of cleaning is highly effective in removing dirt and sanitizing carpet. The key to this process is combining the right amount of chemical, water temperature, water pressure and suction. Each of these elements needs to be perfectly calibrated to achieve the best results.

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Encapsulation Process (Hose-Free Method)

The encapsulation process has many benefits to the traditional steam cleaning method.


  • Quicker Drying Times
  • Less Down Time
  • No Hoses Running Outside
  • Brighter Appearance

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Let's take a closer look at the encapsulation process.

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The difference is in the cleanser polymers found in the encapsulation process. The polymers in this detergent mixture are like a "second wave" in an attack. After the cleansers have done their work separating soils from fibers, they encapsulate the soil and are now suspended

As the entire mixture dries, the encapsulated dirt dries to a crystal. The crystal then allows for easy removal with vacuuming.