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Residential Carpet Cleaners in Macomb County, MI

diyDuo-Care Cleaning and Restoration is a professional residential carpet cleaning company in Macomb County, Michigan. Please call us at (586) 263-9930 to schedule a carpet cleaning appointment today!

Carpet cleaning done wrong can cause permanent damage to your flooring.

Carpet stains don’t tend to happen in places where they’re easy to cover up. Spills, tracked-in dirt and grime buildup usually occur in highly visible areas, so it’s important to know how to clean carpet correctly.

It’s easy to make a carpet cleaning mistake when you’re trying to do it yourself, and there are many things that can go wrong and lead to permanent damage.

Here are a few common carpet cleaning mistakes to avoid:

Waiting too long to remove stains

When it comes to stain removal, the time to take action is immediately.

Waiting too long or letting stains set in can almost guarantee the stain will become permanent, or harder to remove.

Some stains will sink into the carpet’s padding or pile, while other stains, like soda for example, contain acids that will eat away at the carpet’s fibers.

Using the wrong carpet cleaner

Spray carpet cleaner can be effective on some stains, but using other household cleaners or cleaning supplies on carpet can be disastrous.

Many surface cleaners and laundry detergents contain bleach and other harsh chemicals that will permanently discolor carpeting.

Incorrectly using carpet deodorizer

Carpet deodorizer powder isn’t intended to clean away dirt, and it isn’t effective at stain removal.

Even worse, the average vacuum isn’t powerful enough to remove deodorizing powder, causing it to build up and making the carpet even dirtier over time.

Avoiding professional carpet cleaning

Most carpet manufacturers recommend a professional carpet cleaning at least once a year. Homes with children or pets may require a cleaning more frequently.

Professional carpet cleaners are trained in stain removal, and have experience working with all types of difficult stains.

Not every carpet stain requires the immediate attention of professional carpet cleaning services, but failure to properly treat a stain can lead to a lasting blemish in your home. source: angieslist.com

If you would like to hire a trusted and experienced residential carpet cleaning service in Macomb County, MI, please call Duo-Care Cleaning and Restoration at call us at (586) 263-9930 to setup an appointment.