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Expert Area Rug Cleaning Shelby Township

Do you have an area rug Shelby Township that could use a thorough cleaning by professionals? Duo-Care Cleaning & Restoration has you covered! With our years of experience, expertise, and the wealth of equipment we have on hand, there’s no issue with your area rug we can’t fix. We can clean any size of rug, including very large rugs and runners, down to small area rugs Shelby Township. The quality of the rug and how delicate it is isn’t a problem for us either. We know how to take care of any rug carefully and effectively, including precious heirlooms, oriental rugs, and fine wool.
We always adhere to a strict and tailored 10-step process when cleaning an area rug Shelby Township. It’s best to have your area rug cleaned on location, as it gives us more freedom of movement and use of effective equipment than if we were cleaning in it your home. We don’t just stop at the one-time cleaning, we can protect your area rug Shelby Township in the future by applying 3M Scotchgard if you wish, which will keep spills from staining it.

  • Is the fringe of your rug looking old and beaten up? We know plenty of ways to revive it to its original beauty.
  • Is the smell of pet urine hanging around? No worries, we’ll get the bad smell out and leave the area rug with a fresh scent (An additional charge applies to urine removal).
  • Moth and larvae problem? Not for long! We’ll safely take the insects out of the area rug without putting wear on it, and we’ll apply a treatment that keeps them from coming back.

We’re always looking for ways to make things better for our customers. That’s why we offer free porch-pick-up and delivery in Macomb Township and Shelby Township. If you’re not in those areas, there is a charge for pick-up and delivery. You can also just drop off the area rug Shelby Township if it’s not a problem for you.

Pricing and Services

Area Rugs - Natural Fiber (wool/cotton/silk) - $1.50 per square foot

Synthetic Rugs - $1.25 per square foot

Fringe on Area Rugs - $15.00 per side

Urine Treatment - .40 cents per square foot

Dupont© Teflon & Deodorizer - .25 per square foot with $15 minimum order

Minimum charge for area rug pick up/delivery - $75.00

Call our office to schedule a free estimate and consultation - (586)263.9930

Duo-Care Area Rug Cleaning | Area Rug Cleaning Shelby Township

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A quality area rug has a clear effect on a room. In good condition, an area rug can give a room added character and comfort. If the rug has dulled over the years, or picked up stains and odors, it won’t add comfort and it will add character, but not the kind you want. Make sure your area rug Shelby Township is having the effect you want it to, bring it to Duo-Care so we can make it look, feel, and smell brand new. For added convenience, have us pick your area rug up and drop it back off when it’s done!

To learn more about our area rug cleaning process Shelby Township, or to get a free estimate, give us a call at (586) 315-6638 or send in an online contact form today!

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