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Duo-Care Marble Polishing and Restoration - We put in the time to bring back the shine.

We know marble. We understand and appreciate its characteristics. Our love for what we do and our strong commitment to educate our customers on proper marble care and maintenance is evident on every job we complete.

The misconception that since marble is a stone and does not need any maintenance is far from the truth. All marble needs some type of care and attention to look it's best. That's where Duo-Care really shines.

Marble, travertine, and terrazzo are generally softer stones and comes in many colors with different veining. Some marble is harder than others, but they will all scratch, etch and lose their shine and luster if not maintained properly.

We use actual diamonds to hone your flooring and remove deep to very fine scratches. Many customers think their floors look better than when they were installed after Duo-Care gets done with them.

Some of today's marble and travertine have a matte or pitted finish. We can clean the stone and remove deep imbedded dirt, followed by an impregnating sealer. Or if the stone is scratched or damaged, Duo-Care can diamond hone and then replace the desired finish.

We also do repairs of chips and cracks to all types and colors of marble

Whether you have marble, travertine, or terrazzo in your home or commercial building, we can bring back the beauty of your floors.