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The Importance of Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Your Workplace

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If you are in need of top rated Macomb County Carpet Cleaners, please contact Duo-Care Cleaning and Restoration at (586) 263-9930 for a free estimate! Click here to learn more about our carpet cleaning services or Follow Us on Facebook!

Macomb County Commercial Carpet Cleaners

While commercial cleaning is ordinary amongst businesses, there are certain aspects of cleaning that some tend to overlook. Don’t let the carpets of your business be one of them! Clean carpets are critical to the cleanliness of a business and even the health of customers and employees. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of maintaining a clean carpet in your establishment!

Attract Customers

If you are not careful, the first impression your business gives may be the last impression. Having an attractive business goes far beyond creative interior decor. You can have the most beautiful and popular merchandise, the coolest logos, and an organization that makes the work day a breeze. However, if your space is visibly dirty, that is all that customers will see and remember. There is a good chance they may not come back.

Raise Productivity Levels And Overall Health

Dirty carpets not only look terrible but can even pose health risks to employees. Dirty carpets are havens for allergens and possibly even mildew and mold. If left untreated long enough, this can even make employees sick and lower the overall air quality. Working in an unclean environment also negatively impacts morale. Employees working in a dirty space feel as if their employer does not care about them, which does not inspire loyalty or them to do their best work. Make your employees feel cared for with a clean office.

Keep Your Carpets In Tip Top Shape

A professional carpet cleaning service comes with the right experience, equipment, and know how to treat your carpets properly. While not cleaning them at all can cut the life of your carpet short and ultimately cost you much more in replacement, so can cleaning them improperly with the wrong substances and tools. A professional can ensure that the right tools and machines are used to prolong the life of your carpet overall and keep it looking great in the meantime. If you try to cut corners, you may not only end up having to pay for whatever measures you took to clean your carpets, but on top of those paying professionals to fix whatever went wrong, or possibly total replacement. This is why it is best to call the professionals from the start.

For experienced and trusted Macomb County Carpet Cleaners, please call Duo-Care Cleaning and Restoration at (586) 263-9930.


5 Signs You Need to Have Your Carpet Cleaned

Macomb County Carpet Cleaning – Duo-Care Cleaning & Restoration (586) 263-9930

If you are in need of top rated Macomb County Carpet Cleaning, please contact Duo-Care Cleaning & Restoration at (586) 263-9930 to setup an appointment today! Click here to learn more about our carpet cleaning services or Follow Us on Facebook

Macomb County Carpet Cleaning

If your house has carpet, there’s no getting around it: You’re going to have to get it cleaned. Carpet is among the most beautiful and comfortable of flooring options, but also one of the most high maintenance ones out there. If you want your carpet looking tip-top, you’ll need to get it cleaned regularly.

Your Allergies Keep Acting Up

Carpets can be a hotbed for allergens. From dust mites to pet dander and pollen and beyond, all sorts of tiny particles can get stuck in the carpet fibers, just waiting to be disturbed by your footsteps so they can circulate in the air and set off your allergies. Some of these allergens can get stuck deep in the carpet fibers and become very hard to ferret out with vacuuming. A professional carpet cleaning will eradicate the allergens in your carpet, giving your overworked allergies some sweet relief.

It Smells

Dirty carpets can trap in odors like nobody’s business. They can especially start to stink if they get wet. Wet carpets that aren’t treated can develop mildew and mold over time. Not only does mold smell, it can pose a serious health risk if left to circulate in your air.

It Looks Dirty

This is the most obvious sign that your carpets need cleaning. Is it riddled with stains? Does it look blotchy and worn down? Some stains can get so deep into your carpet that conventional cleaning products won’t clean them up. And in most cases, you’re better off not even trying to clean them on your own: The wrong cleaning products can permanently damage your carpets.

It Looks Old

Carpet cleaning doesn’t just clean your flooring- It rejuvenates it. A cleaning can make an old carpet look brand new again. Carpets suffer wear and tear naturally over the years, especially if they get a lot of foot traffic.

You Have Pets

We all love our pets, but you may need to get your carpets cleaned more often if you have pets. Pets can have “accidents” on your carpets, they can drag themselves across it leaving all types of germs in their wake, they can tear it up with their claws and litter it with their dander. Pay attention to your pets: If they spend a LOT of time on your carpets, you will need to get them cleaned.

For experienced and trusted Macomb County Carpet Cleaning, please call Duo-Care Cleaning & Restoration at (586) 263-9930.